Sunday, September 9, 2012

iPad blogger?

I'm wondering if I can blog off my iPad. This is my test.
Check. 123. Testing. Testing.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Sunday Smile.

If you're wondering what my title means: It's a song.
By the band, Beirut. It's worth listening to.
It's been stuck in my head the last 68 hours.

so this week was exam week.
As you can see by my nails, it was a long week to get through.

I had an exam in the following classes:
1. Ethical Issues of Genetic Engineering.
2. Biochemistry.
3. Organic Chemistry.
On a lighter note, I found out that after this semester, I unintentionally now have a minor in Chemistry.

I'm reading a book called, The Ender's Game.
I really can't tell you how much I appreciate a good book.
If any of you have one, let me know. I'll be done with this one soon.

I drank a lot of applebeer this weekend. 
(Thanks, Joe.)

I went out for Indian food with Camie and her roommates. 
It was delicious. I'm really taking a liking to spicy foods.

My favorite guy is home.
Home from Brazil......drum roll, please...
I received this, this morning:

I can't wait for some Tacobell.

I had a few gr8 video stories this week.
I got this link from Matthew Spencer with note that said: This reminds me of you.

The other gr8 video is, the new Hunger Games trailer came out.
I'm counting down the days until March.

Monday, January 30, 2012

D8 Night.

I already posted this yesterday. And then it deleted itself.
Let's try again.

First thing is first.

I have a friend named Chad Hogan (many of you may know him from the famous Scottish comedian, Kevin Bridge's  Chad Hogan's Party Act).
Chad loves to hide mints.
For years now, he's put mints in unsuspecting areas for strangers to be pleasantly surprised.
I found these this week: 

A few weeks ago, I met this boy:

Patrick Joseph Hill.
I call him Joe.
He plays guitar. Really well.
He also looks like Ryan Gosling.

One time, I watched him play.
I snapped along....

So this weekend, I took Joe on a d8 in SLC.
We went with Kyle and Claire (hopefully all of you know who they are by now).
We went to Rumbi's.
Then we went and saw Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close.
(I guarantee I incorrectly pronounced the title of that movie, but I don't mind).
After that, we went and got drinks.
It was so gr8.
Kyle and Joe talked a lot about guitars.

On another note,
Emily and I....well, you get the picture.
Can brain waves travel through ceilings? Her room is right above mine.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Care for a story?

Hey there, old friends.

The spring semester has begun. 
Here's a few things I've done.

Threw rotten apples at my roommate's window at night to scare her.
Emily is terrified that there is a ghost that lives upstairs.
She swears that the ghost has said 'hi' to her before.
On a particularly suspicious night, she went upstairs to read in her room;
So Morgan and I decided it would be best to throw old apples at her window.
We could hear her scream from outside.

Read a memoir on my favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut.
This was one of my favorite passages from it. He wrote it himself. 

Wrote a poem.
I had to write an haiku in my English 2010 class about my Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.
I realize I spelled, 'promiscuous' incorrectly.

Had Camie Oka draw a henna tattoo on me.
I've been by this girl's side for the last few weeks. I really enjoy her company.
Yesterday, we had Indian food, danced for multiple hours, and she drew a dream-catcher on my arm.
If I ever need a loyal, 'up-for-anything' friend, I call her.

Went bowling with the good, old Carl's Jr. Boys.
Remember those boys? 
Well, one of them had a birthday, so to celebrate, we all went bowling.
I scored a 124. 
I really think I'm in the middle of my prime bowling years.

Ran 10 miles.
From Hyrum, UT to my house in Logan, UT.
It took me 83 minutes. 
I had Samuel drop me off and he was so concerned that I wasn't going to make it.
Morgan (top picture: very left) and I are running to Idaho (about 18.4) miles by the end of this semester.
She ran 10 a few days before I did. 
Next week, we are running 15 together.
Then a month or so from now....IDAHO!

Almost got a black eye.
If any of you don't know: I have three things I want to do before I die:
1. Ride a horse.
2. Own a huge truck.
3. Get a black eye.
Well, on my way to go get sushi with Matthew, a dear friend of mine, I was a little to anxious to open his car door.
I was reading a post-card from my friend, Alyson, as I swung the door open; right into my head.
I burst into tears immediately.
Later, as the bruise formed, I wished so badly that I had been only a few inches taller, and I would've been able to check off 'black eye' from my bucket list.
Either that, or I would've been blind.

Besides all that nonsense, a few more words. 

Huge ice puddles are everywhere around campus because of the rain&freezing temperature.
I have been lucky to not slip on any.....yet.

Sam's Christmas present to me finally came in the mail! A new toe ring!
It looks just like the cute one in Idaho that I lost.
This one will never come off.

Emily and I (the twins), decided that for the first time EVER, both of us would wear heels to church.
Once again, we both decided this with out coordinating with the other person.
I don't know how we keep matching like this.
Although, I was grateful to have someone to stumble around the church halls with me today.

Parker McCormick comes home in less than 3 weeks!
Can you believe it?
I probably should've been more loyal about writing him back.....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Courting Christmas.

Currently, my roommates and I are watching the new TLC hit series, "Virgin Diaries", so I thought it would be a good time to blog.

I really got worn down with the Thanksgiving photos, but I was able to take a couple more classics.

Morgan and I found out we're obssessed with gold and glitter. So we painted our nails with these beauties.
Over and over again--because both of us have a bad habit of picking nail polish off.

I was supposed to take a picture of day 17 of something new. 
I wore matching socks.
I never wear matching socks. This was new for me.

Day 19: Something cute.
What's cuter than mini bananas, eh, eh? 

Day 21: Best Friend
Alyson Oka. This girl; what a gal.
She and I had a sleepover the other night while her hubby was out of town.
I love know that no matter how much time may separate us when we both get busy, we are always comfortable with each other. What great memories with Aly.

Hello, December.

more recently....

Emily Jean and I unintentionally matched for church this Sunday.
From head to toe. 
Our shoes matched. Tights. Dress. She even put her hair in a ponytail after the picture.
We were the talk of Relief Society.

Later that evening....

We decided as we starved in church, that we would make a feast.
Our decision: Idachos.
Idachos (noun): Nachos, consisting of olives, jalapenos, meat, re-fried beans, sour cream, and Nacho cheese.
Lesson learned--our eyes are bigger than our stomachs.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Happy 11.11.11
I hope you all took a  moment to appreciate that time. It only comes around once every, Century or so.
Did anything spectacular happen to me? No.
But I did start a slow clap in my Organic Chemistry class to prevent a few seconds of gaining higher education.

It snowed for the first time this week and the whole day I was stuck inside--selling clothes.
I love going to work at the mall though; it's like my own little Christmas.
Lights, music, wreaths, trees. They decorate wonderfully....a few weeks early.

This week, I was grateful for a lot of things.
Especially my friends, family, and health.
For patience, hard work, and SoftLips Chapstick.

Day 7: Something funny.
It's really hard to capture something funny in a picture.
The whole day went by and I was stressing out!

Then 2 things happened:

1. I found this on the ground at the library.

2. Emily Bateman loves showing me priceless YouTube videos. This day, she decided to
show me Sophia Grace--a child prodigy. In other words, 'the next Nikki Minaj'.

Day 8: Favorite Color.
My favorite color is red. Always has been, always will be.
I do not like wearing it, I think it makes me look awful.
But, maybe that's why I like it so much; I don't see it all that often.
I can't take credit for these photos, but I love the bright red.

Day 9: Inspiring Person.
In my case, inspiring people.
Yesterday, my dear, dear brother and sister-in-law, Kyle and Claire, came to visit me.
They are a newly married, busy, couple and I was honored to enjoy their company.
We went to Chili's and ColdStone (taking advantage of their wedding gifts).
It was so fantastic to talk, laugh, and eat with them.
They are some of the most cherished people in my life--they listen and care for me.
They take such care of their lives and each other, what an inspiration.
I admire you both, thank you for last night.

Day 10: Nature.
For people who don't know me, I have no car.
For people who do know me, I have no car.
Really, the fact that you know me or not doesn't affect my possession of a vehicle....
I walk to work most days and lately, I've really been grateful for it.
I bundle up, put in the headphones and start moving.
It gives me a lot of time to think; clear my head.

This is walking to Pac Sun.
I love little white houses and unraked lawns.

This is walking to the lab.
I love beautiful, warm, wintery mornings.

Day 11: Something old.
I have a lot of favorite memories.
I own a lot of favorite items.
I took forever to decide where I could even start with this one.
I took so many pictures for this day; they all ended up being deleted.
This is, easily, one of my favorite memories.
Matthew Spencer: This boy makes every second with him, something worth talking about.
He and I have had some great times. I am so grateful for them.

This was taken about a year ago; my first time coming to his house.
I bought the Jazz shirt that day to impress him.
"I'm like, the biggest Jazz fan. It's kind of funny."

Goodbye, 11/11/11.
See you next Century.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am grateful.

Okay, okay.
Shelby Mae Walker had her pictures up, so I feel behind.
It's about time I show you all what I'm grateful for (instead of just wasting all this time with words)
Today, I am grateful for Morgan Madsen, for convincing me to run with her.
We ran 7 miles today. Be impressed. 

Okay, let's begin.
Day 1: Favorite Food
I know that this may be a little biased, but I crave pumpkin constantly.
Pumpkin chai tea, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin brownies, you name it.
Easily my favorite food.

Day 2: Smile
These two people, I love them so.
My papa and my Grace. These two place top positions in "favorite family members".
I love seeing my dad smile. I feel safe and at peace when I see him happy.
And Grace is the most hyper little girl I know, when I can get her to sit still for two seconds for a picture, I feel blessed. Love you two!

Day 3: Happiness
Like I said in the last post, my best childhood friend, Alyson Oka, just got married to a great guy, Newel Cusick. They are meant for each other. It was an emotional day for me, but I am so happy for her. I hope her all the happiness in the world. Good luck, Chica.

Day 4: Leaves
Have to show my appreciation for the fall season.
Even though I despise the fact that it is getting cold. And any tan that I had is quickly disappearing.
I stomp on the leaves everyday when I walk home from class.

Day 5: Morning Sky
Now, I have an explanation for this. I am rarely awake in the morning.
I have the worst habit of sleeping in. The next time I wake up on time, I am going to take the time to appreciate the morning sky.
A goal to be added to my list (refer to post "Penny on a Train Track" for goal list).

Day 6: Books
I have two favorite books. Easy. I can name them immediately when someone asks.
I would refer anyone to these two. They will change your life. Or our friendship.

To be continued....